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Basic Concept

This document explain some basic concept in Uniqush’s terminology. Understanding these terms is critical to use Uniqush. Fortunately, it won’t be too hard to capture these ideas.

Sending Notifications Through Clouds





Uniqush Gets Involved






Here are important concepts that we mentioned in this document. Understanding these concepts is critical and we listed them here for your convenience.

Push Service Provider

A push service provider can push data to a device. Uniqush handles protocol to different Push Service Providers, hiding all communication details from the server.

Examples: GCM (or FCM) can send notifications to Android devices; APNS can send notifications to iOS devices.


A service can generate data ready to be sent to apps running on remote device. A service is the source of information. One server may provide more than one service.

Examples: Local Weather service; Local News service.


A subscriber consumes the information generated from the service. A subscriber is the sink of information. In most cases a subscriber usually refers to a real person.

Example: A person who installed Local News app on his / her cell phone.

Delivery Point

A Delivery Point receives data from one or more Services. It must have an subscriber as its Owner. One subscriber may have more than one delivery point.

Examples: an Android device; an iOS device; a BlackBerry, etc.